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The full munchie eating +
420 second workout =

Cali-Sober-Fit living is here!
it's A look Good enough, healthier, lifestyle for the ex-Athlete 


CSF meets you where you are today. What's your vice? I know you have one. No judgement. Our vice, cannabis, has a role in curbing appetite & improving belly fat {like NOzempic} in
-athletes, with no health insurance 

Are you a cannabis virgin? How about an EX-athlete {miss your glory days? I do} who is worrying about unsightly mid-aged waist gain & type 2 diabetes? Do you just want to get healthIER? {You've given up on "healthy" a while ago.}
You may have 2 vices today and want to quit but are concerned about gaining weight during/after quitting.
So why quit social drinking/sitting around only to gain MORE mid-age, mid-section weight and suffer ravages of diabetes T2, then die 20 years too soon? (my mom's treadmill death^ story below)

If you want to be a future EX-drinker/sitter, fearful of unsightly & unhealthy weight gain, but need "a vice" and are an EX-athlete {this is critical! for muscle memory** that you have} ready to strengthen & move more again, BUT can't afford GLP-1 (NOzempic, etc.), no health insurance anad/or your just into more natural solutions because if all this THEN this lifestyle may be just right for you! 

I use Intermittent Edibles (IE) & tinctures made from medical cannabis to help me smile, lessen my pain, anxiety, hunger and appetite.


In my CSF Living IE example, I never say "healthy" when referring to myself.  I utilize candy, popcorn, bacon and mixed vegetables. Because, it's my life and it's what I like. Today I live a "good enough" life.
{Under the radar, life-long stress ultimately takes us ALL out!}

I exercise so I can eat candy. Period. Oh, and I like abs. So I've been a "sugar-burner" all my musculature life.
{I keep a 2-4pack of abs in my 6th decade of life, so what? Nob
ody's Listening. And I understand. Besides me, who wants to see a 6-pack on a 60 year old? When we can talk how cannabis helped me do it?

Without temptation or hunger. It'll probably work with your way of exercising too.}
For me, I enjoy the "Munchie Cycle"
 rather The FULL Munchie so,
OODIE, like I read about with NOzempic

Do you have an  issue about getting healthIER, yet feel that Nobody's Listening?

The research involving cannabis’ effects on appetite hasn’t gone unnoticed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Researchers believe that the marijuana cannabinoid, THC, may correct an imbalance in our endocannabinoid system that will result in weight loss**. Initially, users of marijuana may experience short-term appetite increases (the munchies); but soon the hormonal body switches gears and starts burning calories more efficiently. A decrease in appetite is noticed. These effects can last as long as you consume cannabis. Cannabis use, exposure to THC, results in a reduction of BMI (Body Mass Index)**.

Medical cannabis + 420 Seconds of exercise = CSF living 
Look Better Forever. Are you Listening? Nobody's listening. {Sign up for mock coaching}

What is Cali-Sober-Fit? Is Living the Cali Sober Fit Life for Mid-Lifers? (BTW Mid-Life is closer to 39 not 50)

Well, Cali-Sober is from a song made popular my Demi Lovato. {She used to look 39.} 
It stands for NO booze, NO cigs, NO pills. Your only vice is cannabis. 
For the “Cali” part {short for “California”}, the first state to legalize 
medical marijuana; then made it mainstream. 
The “FIT” part I added for NO sitting either! I want you to become
Yes, I choose to eat candy AND burn Sugar! {Candy is an optional edible; you can eat broccoli or a "superfood"}

CaliSoberFitters swap social/closet vices to create less harm and more self-awareness on how we can live healthIER  and look better.  You can't be hurting and focus on exercise. So a "feel good" is necessary 1st. But soon as we feel better, we switch over to our mantra, We "FEEL GOOD when we LOOK Better". I like to LOOK GOOD. You?


Cannabis manipulates the appetite, yet allows for food enjoyment like the "MUNCHIES" {not everyone will experience the munchies} BUT AFTER, it also helps with hunger, temptation, stress, pain & anxiety associated with "going/staying on another diet" and inconsistent exercising. 

I help you look good for life, as you age, as opposed to worry of being a burden to others as you age. What is your barometer of how you're doing? Mine is my abs, remember? {Read more in CSF 420 Second Coaching} I want to inspire you to build your best body under your harm reduction measures you choose with your CaliSoberFit (CSF) Lifestyle.

minkyfavex (4).png
Hi there. Minky here. The Cannabinated Fitness Nurse, The Mock Coach (CFN, TMC).
That photo with my mom was taken 2003, Palm Beach, Florida.
This is me today...

For me, medical cannabis helped me through the social anxiety of trying to "play nice" & like phony people, the pain of cancer, muscle spasms and joint pain. I am a lazy person. You too? But I also like to look good.

The sitting vice, lack of muscle use does kill^, AND is much more sinister, insidious and deadly than smoking. I know because I believe it’s what killed by mother. She was skinny, sedentary and she smoked. When she gave up smoking, she gained weight. Even though she was NOT a foodie. But because she was going through peri-menopause, she gained even more weight, particularly in her midsection. That 20-30 lb. waist gain, made worse by sitting too much and sarcopenia* fatty muscle {early sign of diabetes type 2 }, and big pharma pills, lead to heart disease & cut 20 years off of my beloved mother’s life. {almost textbook} She dropped dead on a treadmill, at a local gym, "trying" to do better.
Too little, too late? A treadmill? No bodyweight/resistance? Or was it the "legal pills" that contributed to her demise? {Her diabetes medicine, started with an "A" was later recalled for heart attack risk, a lawsuit maybe? No. Because it wasn't 100% Big Pharma's fault. My mom's family blamed exercised - that it had killed my mother.
AND that's why they don't exercise...}


Even if my mother just smoked - no pills vice, no booze, no sitting vice, if she was a SUGAR BURNER, {with her engine muscles, only if she had SOME musculature to her} she would still be alive today. Or lived longer a lot longer.

I don't want this to happen to you. Don't waste time {most valuable asset} on eating what you don't like, while STILL slowly developing  a mid-section and moving only to be in pain and fear, then die. For what?
I miss her terribly. I choose to eat candy but know that exercise has saved my life, not the other way around. I'm convinced the "Sitting Vice" killed my mom. She used to say, "I can 'out-sit' anybody!".

You can see pics/read more about me, at nauseum, HERE. Just in case you think I pulled this out of my 'buff buff ass'...just Come BACK here and sign up already.

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