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Thank You

and WELCOME to Cali Sober Fit Living. Consider this a first, validating step on your new simple "feel good" to "look good enough" life style.

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Skinny is
NOT HealthIER.

My FAVorite all-body exercise for when I need it.

It's part of my 420 Second-Workout. You may do this already or something like it (cave man squat, hunker, yoga pose, etc.)





This is my version since 1986. I call them Hunkers.

(I do NOT do them for the full 420 seconds)

I am gripping and squeezing through my arms into my back and chest, isometrically.

I have my toes facing forward and I go all the way down into what I like to call "hunkering". This IS a natural position for humans! It activates your butt. {A definite "BUFF BUFF ASS" exercise}


I feel every muscle contract gluteus maximus, medius and minimus up into my abs which I also flex. {Pull inward}

More videos HERE.


Because I am in my 6th decade of life teaching & doing exercise, and I have a 2-pack, sometimes a 4-pack, {my personal barometer on how I'm doing and looking}, I know this exercise can help you BURN SUGAR.

If you can't go all the way down - don't.

If you have to pick your heels off the ground to go all the way down, it's o.k. BUT let's talk for 420 Seconds for a follow-up!

CLICK HERE FOR 420 SECOND conversation/session.

This session is a "prep" for below if you want to tell your "Glory Days" story. Your Glory Days story may be the basis of your exercise ritual(s):

If you are interested in being a "mock-coached" for your own CSF lifestyle creation? I spin a wheel and everything!

Here are some sample questions you should think about when we talk. I understand that you have to feel good before you look good.  

  1. What's YOUR IRRATIONAL WANT? (Mine is never having my thighs rub together. Irrational, but motivating to me)

  2. What do you know that works (diet/exercise) for you or worked for you in the past?

  3. What's stopping you from exercising like you want?

  4. What vice would you consider swapping for cannabis?

  5. Are you noticing no energy, weakness, tightness in your muscles?

  6. Are your clothes fitting tighter? Where?

Please click here for your complimentary Preliminary 420 Second Cali Sober Fit mock-coach session. 

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